Brand Story

GASH POINT has branch offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan.

GASH POINT is a gaming currency providing platform with more than 10 million users and more than 3 million transactions per month.

It has the revenue amount of more than NT$ 10 billion annually and its services covers 72 countries.

More than 3000 games use the services of GASH and is the most popular game currency in the Greater China Region.

It provides global game currency issuing services and connects international digital entertainment contents.

Founded in: April 2011

Capital Amount: NT$ 150 million

CEO: Albert Liu

We dedicate ourselves on protecting the rights and privileges of the manufacturers and customers.

It leads its competitors by cooperating with E Sun Bank of Taiwan to release “GASH Escrow Service”.

It also has two global financial recognitions:

 ISO 27001 Certificate on Information Security

 PCI DSS Certificate on the Information Security Standards of Payment Card Industry

From the internet mobile devices, we continue to create safe service qualities to make our customers feel safe.

By combining digital entertainment contents comprehensively, we allow digital players around the world to surf freely in the unlimited world of digital entertainments easily with GASH.